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A Second Serving reviews Mister Lasagne in Soho...

If you're craving carbs then Mister Lasagne is the place to go. The new restaurant, which is slap back in the heart of Soho, serves nothing but your favourite Italian dish, in fact they offer a whopping 21 different varieties. You then choose from five complimentary sauces to add on top. Nom nom nom! All ingredients are carefully sourced, from the lasagne sheets to the vegetables, meats and cheeses. With a healthy doze of pizza choices in London, this is a welcome change in Italian dining.

Why go?

The food, which you pick up yourself at the counter when you walk in, is good value for money and very filling. I went for the trio of lasagne, which cost just £7.80 - so this would be a great place to go for a quick lunch. I chose the chicken and chorizo, the four cheeses and the vegetable aubergine with the traditional bolognaise sauce recipe on top. My partner went for a different selection with the creamy béchamel sauce. While the home-cooked feel of each lasagne came through, it was hard to pinpoint a fave... but I certainly got my lasagne fix! Despite being very full, I somehow managed to tuck into the tiramisu for dessert. Oops!

When is there not room for dessert?!


While the downstairs décor was cute (the tables are dotted with cherry tomato plants and chilies growing on the vines) the TV on the wall was playing some random show and seemed a little out of place. In my opinion, music in the background would create a better atmosphere.


53 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PH

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