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A Second Serving reviews The Duchess of Cambridge in Hammersmith...

The Duchess of Cambridge, a traditional pub in Hammersmith, has teamed up with Banger Bros to create a brand new menu featuring gourmet hot dogs and delicious burgers. Nom nom nom! But, if hot dogs aren't your thing, they still have a huge menu with offerings such as bad-boy burgers and Sunday roasts. They also have an extensive range of British gins and a selection of ales and lagers to wash it all down with. The pub, which is just a four minute walk from Stamford Brook station, is light and spacious with a beautiful outside courtyard.

Why go?

Once I'd been told there were hot dogs on the menu I knew it would be rude not to give them a try. After much umming and erming (because there was so much damn choice!) I went for the Continental, made up of a Bockwurst, gherkin, remoulade, mustard and crispy shallots. You order at the bar, then get your food served at the table. There's a dining area on one side of the venue and more of a generic pub on the other. The hot dog, when it came, had been gently steamed then chargrilled to bring out all the flavour and there was a lovely crack as I bit into the meat - perfect. It came snuggled up in a soft, toasted brioche bun with pickles and sauce... and all for just £5.50. To finish, I had a serving of south street gelato-style ice-cream in a gorgeous lime and coconut flavour. It was quite different to anything I'd tried before - very sweet but refreshing, and went down a treat.


The hotdog bun was just slightly overdone for my liking. 


320 Goldhawk Road, London, W6 OXF

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