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A Second Serving reviews All Star Lanes in Bloomsbury...

All Star Lanes is a popular retro-themed venue hidden away by a discreet sign in Bloomsbury (blink and you'll miss it!) They have four bowling lanes (plus two private lanes upstairs), a cocktail bar and a restaurant - so there really is something to suit everyone. Bowling costs £8.95 per person per game and shoe hire is included. The restaurant, which is literally right next to the bowling area, serves good old American style fare - all ribs, burgers and steaks. Nom nom nom!

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Why go?

Because bowling is so much fun.... durr! On my weekend visit there were quite a few families and children (as expected) but on a week night I reckon this place would be the perfect spot for a fun date. When we first arrived the staff were very friendly and helpful so it didn't take long before we were set up and ready to start playing the game. I used to love bowling as a kid so couldn't wait to see if I still had the special touch - it turns out I do as I WON (not that I'm competitive!) After all the energy I'd used up focusing on winning the game, it was time for food. I decided to try their limited edition meatball hoagie, which is available throughout the whole of June. It really is the ultimate comfort food... made up of homemade meatballs, deliciously simple Marinara sauce and melted mozzarella tucked into a lightly toasted brioche bun. It cost £10.95 and was surprisingly filling! I washed it all down with a fiery Red Snapper cocktail (Bombay Sapphire, Tio Pepe sherry, celery bitters, lemon, Worcestershire sauce, strawberry puree, tomato juice, celery, basil, with a strawberry and celery skewer) and added an extra dash of tabasco sauce to make it a little hotter. To finish, I tucked into the salted caramel cheesecake with toffee sauce. Perfect!

Meatball hoagie!

Waiting for my grub!


While the cheesecake for dessert was really nice, I thought the base was a bit too thin and soggy. Saying that, it was demolished in seconds so it can't have been that bad!


Victoria House, Bloomsbury House, WC1B 4DA.

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