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A Second Serving reviews Ours in Knightsbridge..

Ours is a brand new star studded restaurant in Knightsbridge that serves British-euro cuisine. Inside, the high trees and high ceilings add to the drama and elegance of the comfy and contemporary restaurant. Not only is the service impressive and attentive, the food is also up there with the best. It's hardly surprising though as the head chef works very closely with Tom Sellers of groundbreaking Restaurant Story - he's the culinary inspiration and adviser of Ours, as well as being a director of the restaurant.

Why go? 

This is one flash place! Stepping inside, you walk through an impressive tunnel of lights into the main restaurant which feels a bit like a giant greenhouse with plants everywhere and two big trees covered in fairy-lights that pop up through the restaurant floor. Once we were settled, the waitress helped us to pick two delicious gin cocktails from the menu, then bought over a giant platter of crudites (traditional French appetizers consisting of sliced or whole raw vegetables which could be dipped in a sauce) which she poured liquid nitrogen over for dramatic effect - this definitely worked as we did the whole 'ooooo' thing as the smoke billowed out from our table.

Our John Dory and steak main...

To start I had the crab, which came with avocado and apple. While it was quite a small portion, it was incredibly tasty and the sweetness of the apple really lifted the dish. My friend Kelly and I then decided to share two dishes between us for the main as we couldn't decide what we liked the look of best. We tried the John Dory, which came with saffron, tomato and courgette and this was super fresh and well seasoned. But the fish paled in comparison to the fillet of steak with bearnaise sauce. Oh my bloody God. It was so good in fact that Kelly said she couldn't talk because she was enjoying it so much! We'd ordered a portion of pecorini foie-gras chips to go alongside it and these were thick, chunky and full of flavour. Although we were stuffed by this point we decided to share two desserts (why not!) and they were bloody brilliant too. The doughnuts with raspberry filling came in a cute paper bag and the chocolate, smoked black tea and almond tart was delicious and not as rich as it looked... so of course we ate the lot! What. A. Meal.


It's quite pricey! Our three course meal and drinks came to over £200 but if you have the cash to splash or you've got a big celebration coming up, then this is THE place to go. I haven't been so wowed by food, location, surroundings or service in a long time.


264 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2AS.

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